Speak the truth, but leave immediately after.

We are consultants for process reengineering and digitalization, you know that. So we are part of a economical species, that is so often scolded for their services. And… yes, for some consultants it may be right: we consider their advice to be overrated, too. But as a general judgement about the branch, it is just not right. For instance: In our last project, we managed a very complex SAP restructuring project very successfully with less budget, with no complaints (means none … not at all) and within the scheduled timeline. Our team solved hundreds of different problems very successful in the last five years. Not a single project got lost in our scope to be a total success for our customers. Every euro our customers have spent on our services was worth the money many times.

And the branch in general: do they suffer? Not really. In Germany, consultants are booked as strongly as never before. The turnover of the industry rose by 7.4 percent to 29 billion euros last year, according to the market study of the German Association of German Business Advisors (BDU). For 2017 the BDU predicts a further growth of 8.3 percent.

The management of german companies books the services of consultants in order to convert their own business to the digital world as quickly as possible. This means the installation of totally new, digitalized processes in the whole company and also the introduction of robotics and artifial intelligence, wherever it fits the advantage of eliminate human errors in the value chain.

According to the BDU, the strong demand went across all major customer industries. Consultants especially from healthcare companies are very rare to find – the few ressources are the most widely booked. That counts for our company as well.

We know, classical consulting has almost run out of business, when it is not combined with IT-topics and future technologies as well as communicative tasks. So, our company-scope is the development of new business models, modern working cultures and efficient business procedures. We help our customers in the analysis of the data sets in order to be able to make strategic decisions better. Another part of our work is the improvement of - both at the same time - business-processes and IT-structures, those drilled down directly from a new found digital strategy.

Do you want to meet us in person?! Here we are next:
IW net(works) 2017
Presentation//Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Pieper
"Digitization in response to cost pressures in the logistics sector"
Steigenberger Hotel am Kanzleramt, Berlin
Thursday, 29.6.2017 14:00 Uhr

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